Rural Transportation Information Management System (RuTIMS)

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About the System

RuTIMS has been envisioned to be a computerized internet enabled system for the comprehensive road database which shall be used in overall planning and management of transport infrastructure within a district. The system includes numbers of features including:

  • A tool for prioritization of - annual road maintenance, upgrading and construction works based on the budget constraint scenario for development and maintenance related interventions;
  • A tool to manage district transport assets;
  • A comprehensive road network data management;
  • A contract management tool and the development of interfaces for uploading of contracts status report in relevant websites;
  • A tool to develop and update district yearly transport investment plans.
  • A tool to maintain and update the GIS based DTMP

RuTIMS will support a comprehensive reporting system. It is envisioned that the system will have a central data repository and the districts will logged into the server for the data entry and generation of relevant reports.

In order to use the software, goto download section, fill up the credentials. The credentials will be verified and access will be granted after approval by RAIDP project.

This software is released as trial version.

District Transport Master Plans

The District Transport Master Plans are being updated recently. The RuTIMS is uploaded with few of these DTMPs and will continuously updated with other DTMPS as soon as they are available.

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Annual Road Maintenance Programs

The Annual Road Maintenance Program of each of the Districts are uploaded in the system.

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Project Management Information

Information on all the District Level projects are provided with current status of the project.

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Online Maps

Online maps of the DTMP of each district along with basic statistics are provided.

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Current Activities

The Progress data and maps are updated continuously by the various users. Summary of the current activities are automatically generated by the system. Visit Facebook or Twitter pages for community updates.

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Development & Support

The RuTIMS has been developed through a collaborative effort of RAIDP and SOFTWEL (P) Ltd in association with AVIYAAN Consulting (P) Ltd of Nepal